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Sleep time

  • Crib or moses basket – your newborn might look lost in a big cot and a moses basket is easy to move around
  • Cot or cot bed – choose one with variable sides and mattress heights so it grows with your baby.
  • Mattress – NHS safety advice says you should make sure it fits firmly in the cot with no gaps
  • Fitted cot sheets – at least three sheets is best
  • Blankets – keep your little one snuggly
  • Sleepsuits – choose plain white or go for bright colours and patterns
  • Baby sleeping bags or swaddling blankets – some parents prefer them as the baby can’t kick it off and get cold in the night
  • Waterproof mattress cover – an easy way to keep the mattress clean and avoid dust mites
  • Room thermometer – your baby’s nursery should be between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius
  • Blackout blinds or curtains – a great way to get your baby used to the idea of sleeping when it’s dark. You can also buy travel blinds
  • Nightlight – a newborn won’t be afraid of the dark but you can check on her easily with a dim light
  • Baby monitor – hear your baby from the other side of the house

Baby changing

  • Changing mat – makes it much easier to change all those dirty nappies!
  • Changing bag – ideal for keeping all your changing gear in one place when you’re out and about
  • Nappy disposal bin – keeps smells at bay
  • A changing table or unit – choose one with raised sides to stop your baby rolling off
  • Antibacterial hand gel – so you don’t have to leave your baby to wash your hands after changing


  • Nappy cream – soothes sore bottoms
  • Baby lotion – great for tackling dry skin
  • Baby wipes – the fastest way to clean your baby during changes
  • Cotton wool balls – kind and gentle on delicate skin
  • Cotton wool buds – great for cleaning outer ears, skin creases and belly buttons (but never use inside the ear)
  • Digital thermometer – make sure your baby isn’t too hot or too cold


  • Baby bath – help keep your baby safe in the water
  • Bath thermometer – make sure the water temperature is just right
  • Cuddle robe or towels – for cosy cuddles!

Getting dressed

  • Babygrows/sleep suits – your newborn will probably spend most of her early weeks in them!
  • Tops – an extra layer when it’s cold or perfect for warm weather
  • Bottoms – for girls and boys
  • Socks – keep little feet toasty
  • Warm hat – choose one without a turn-up so it doesn’t flop over your baby’s nose and mouth
  • Scratch mittens – prevent your baby scratching her skin

Anything else

  • Storage – now is a good time to get organised!
  • Soft toys – something special for your little one
  • Photo frames – to show off those first pictures

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