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Do I need a nappy changing unit


Did you know that once your little one arrives, you’ll be changing nappies about 10 times a day for up to three years? A changing unit is an absolute must then as odds are you’ll also use it for drying and dressing them after a bath.

While it’s true that many parents have improvised ways to change nappies over the years, like on the floor, or on a worktop but are these really the safest places to do so? What happens when you have to take your eyes off the baby for a second? Does the surface have something to stop the baby from rolling off? Is it really the cleanest place to put them?

Here’s some benefits to investing in a changing unit.

Safe place to change

A changing unit offer a safe space to change a nappy. A normal chest of drawers has no barriers, so with a changing unit, you’re never changing on any unprotected surfaces that are above floor level!

Babies like weeing when nappies are off

It is common knowledge that babies have a habit of weeing or pooping when you take their nappies off!! It almost like they wait for the moment to spray it in the air and frankly it’s much easier to manage that on a changing unit than anywhere else.

Save your back and knees

Your knees and back would seriously suffer without a changing unit, especially you had a difficult labour, have a poor back condition or had C-section. There’s much less bending down involved with one of these.


Types of changing unit

A changer unit is a stand-alone piece of nursery furniture. The top is the right size for a changing mat, with shelves or drawers underneath for storing nappies, baby wipes and changing accessories. It’s convenient in that you can keep your nappy-changing supplies in one place, but they can be expensive and bulky.

A chest changer is nursery dresser deigned with a change space on top for a changing mat, with drawers or cupboards for nappies and all the essentials. It has heaps of storage space keep your baby’s clothes organised.

A cot top change is light weight unit that fits on top of the cot with safety straps and must always be removed from the cot when not in use. A perfect space saver at much less of the cost.

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