Assembly Instructions

General Assembly

Proper assembly is critical to ensure a safe and comfortable end result. Please read all instructions before assembly and keep for future use.

Before Assembly

  • You may find the construction easier with help of another person.
  • Check all boxes present and in good condition.
  • In the room for use, on a soft, clean, level and open floor area, to avoid damage during construction.
  • Carefully open the boxes without scratch or mark any pieces inside.
  • Always completely open the box flat to unpack parts.
  • Check all the parts and identify them against the components and fittings lists
  • Do not discard any packaging or any extra fitting until you complete the construction and happy with it.
  • If you do find that any parts are missing or damaged or incorrect, contact customer services asap.
  • Read the instructions thoroughly before attempt construct.


  • Follow each stage of construction step-by-step.
  • Do NOT over tighten assembly Screws or Bolts.
  • Do NOT alter the part or fitting in any way.
  • Contact manufacturer, if unsure of any step/s of construction.
  • Check functions, any doubt, contact manufacturer
  • Check if your furniture require wall strap. And secure accordingly.
Packaging may be kept for move and storage in future.Packaging should only be thrown away after you have fully constructed your product and happy with it.It is important to retain all metal fittings and components should the product be returned to modes in future. i.e conversion cot to bed.READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTION FOR SAFE USE and retain for future reference.Remember to check our Safe use Guide for safety advice.