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  • Premium Core Pocket Sprung Cot Bed MattressPremium Core Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

    Premium Core Cot Bed Mattress – 140 x 70 cm

  • Pocket Sprung Cot Bed MattressPocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

    Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress – 140 x 70 cm

  • Deluxe Sprung cot MattressDeluxe Sprung cot Mattress

    Deluxe Sprung Cot Bed Mattress – 140 x 70 cm

  • Eco Fibre Cot MattressEco Fibre Cot Mattress

    Eco Fibre Cot Mattress – 140 x 70 cm


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, cot bed mattresses can vary in size, but common sizes include 60cm x 120cm and 70cm x 140cm. UK and EU standard sizes are: 100x 50cm, 120x60cm, 140x70cm. There are other sized mattresses for babies, however, those are either USA or Australia size, hence are not UK and EU standard sizes.
Yes, the thickness of a cot mattress can affect comfort and support for the baby, so it's important to choose an appropriate thickness. Always check instructions and cot bed details for suitable thickness of mattress, typical thickness is somewhere around 10 cm.
It's not recommended for babies to sleep directly on a mattress without sheets as sheets provide a barrier between the baby and the mattress surface.
Foam cot mattresses can be safe for babies as long as they meet safety standards, are firm, and provide adequate support.
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