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About Us

Babymore is a British company based in Essex, consists of a team with years of experience in nursery industry. We strive to produce the best possible quality products that redefine the nursery with both style and functionality.

At Babymore our vision is to create unique, stylish products that are expertly crafted with great care. A baby brings endless memories and infinite happiness and our hope is that our products will inspire you to celebrate all the moments with your precious little one.

As parents ourselves, we know that the preparation for the arrival of a new baby can be enormous and the sheer wealth of products to choose from can be daunting. The right choice of furniture in your nursery is very important as you want to provide safe environment so your new arrival can enjoy the best possible night’s sleep. Luckily, we have a number of practical solutions for you to choose from.

Award Winning Designs

A cot bed should never be just an open-top cage! We believe in a more modern contemporary style, and our fresh designs will help you create a stunning nursery. Our designs are even award winning, proving them to the very best of their class.
  • Mother and Baby Award 2015 Best cot bed
  • Made for Mums Award 2017 Best cot bed
  • Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Best cot bed
  • Loved By Parents Award 2017 Best cot
  • Loved By Parents Award 2017 Best cot bed
  • Loved By Parents Award 2017 Best nursery range
  • Mother and Baby Award 2018 Best cot bed
  • Made for Mums Award 2018 Best cot bed
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Safety Assurance

We are safety experts when it comes to nursery furniture, with vast experience and detailed knowledge of health and safety standards. Each of our items are designed with a safety-consciousness mindset, and are made from the highest quality material to eliminate all kinds of hazards while remaining durable and stylish. All Babymore products are tested and approved to the latest British and European safety standards by Intertek. Tests include checking every aspect of our products thoroughly for potential hazards. All aspects of safety are addressed and exceed the recommended security requirements.

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Quality Of Our Products

Babymore products are made from sustainable wood as well as many other fine materials. Specific woods are selected that can offer the longest durability and most functionality for our products. Our specialist teams, with over 15 years of experience of manufacturing nursery furniture, use traditional techniques at our state of the art facility, allowing us to maintain the highest quality throughout production. With proper care, your Babymore product will be a part of your family for years to come.

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Our Service Commitment

We strive to provide best possible customer experience. With a Babymore product, you can rest assured that the item is researched, designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards.
In addition to our comprehensive quality warranty, our customer service team are able to help you make best decision about products, and deal with any queries or problems quickly and efficiently.
Should you have a problem with your furniture, please contact our service department and we will ensure that any issue will be rectified speedily and efficiently without any fuss.

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