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Chest Changer

  • Caro Chest Changer WHITE WASH-1Caro Chest Changer WHITE WASH-2

    Caro Nursery Chest Changer – White Wash

  • Caro Chest Changer GREY WASH-1Caro Chest Changer GREY WASH-2

    Caro Nursery Chest Changer – Grey Wash

  • Luno Veni Chest Changer Oak White1Luno Veni Chest Changer Oak White 2

    Luno Veni Nursery Chest Changer – White Oak

  • Luno Veni Chest Changer Oak 1

    Luno Veni Nursery Chest Changer – Oak

  • Universal Chest WHITE-1Universal Chest WHITE-2

    Universal Nursery Chest Changer – White

  • Universal Chest GREY-1Universal Chest GREY-2

    Universal Nursery Chest Changer – Grey


Category Description

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a chest of drawers can be used as a changing table with the addition of a changing mat on top for a flat, stable surface.
A changing table is used for safely changing diapers and dressing babies, providing a comfortable and convenient surface at a convenient height for caregivers.
If there's no changing table available, you can use alternative flat surfaces like a bed or floor with a changing mat for safety and convenience.
While not required, a changing table can provide a dedicated and convenient space for diaper changes, but alternatives like changing mats on flat surfaces can also work well.
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