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  • Sale Velvet 2 Piece Room Set WHITE-1Velvet 2 Piece Room Set WHITE-2

    Velvet Deluxe 2 Piece Nursery Room Set

    £579.00 £649.00
  • Sale Velvet 3 Piece Room Set WHITE-1Velvet 3 Piece Room Set WHITE-2

    Velvet Deluxe 3 Piece Nursery Room Set

    From: £899.00 £999.00

Category Description

If you’re looking to furnish your nursery, Babymore makes the job much easier. With our collection of coordinated furniture sets, you can create an attractive, practical room. Manufactured to the highest quality, our furniture sets come packed with great features. That includes storage solutions so all your child’s clothing and toys can easily be stowed away. From elegant cots and capacious drawers to toy chests, our nursery furniture sets have everything you need.

All our pieces meet the latest health and safety standards. Wonderfully crafted with no sharp edges, this is nursery furniture which is built to last. With many of our pieces made of natural wood, you can create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Our furniture also has many lovely finishing features you’ll love.

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