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What product images tell you- Cot Bed

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Last decade, nursery furniture underwent many changes in style, features and construction, especially cot beds so picking out a decent one has gotten a little bit trickier.

As with everything these days, a lot of expecting parents will be buying new baby supplies online. While ordering over the internet is super convenient, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re buying when you can’t have it physically in front of you. So how do you know that what you’re paying for is quality? The only information usually given is what’s provided in the listing. If you’re unsure about whether to buy, there are plenty of indicators in the images provided.

Make sure to check for all of these before you buy:

  1. Thickness of cot panels and cot ends. – Panels need to be at least 22mm thick for the cot be durable and sturdy. If the image shows thin panels, do not be surprised if it turns out to be flimsy and your baby grows out of it much sooner than expected.
  2.  For everyday use, solid and chunky cot designs would be better and are generally more durable.
  3.  Check out the wood that’s used. Pine is most commonly used in cot construction, but be warned that it’s a soft wood. Hard wood furniture will last longer, but is often more expensive.
  4.  A design with spindles on the side might look cool, but practically is very old and outdated nowadays. All modern branded cots use slats in cot side, which are much stronger and more fashionable.
  5.  Check to see how the cot is placed in the image. If it could cause a safety risk , i.e it’s placed near window or heat source, there’s sunlight directly shining on the mattress, or other furniture is near the cot etc, these are signs that the seller has a poor knowledge of this type of product.
  6.  Lookout for uncommon features, such as removable spindles, as this means that the cot is not originally intended for UK/EU market.
  7.  If the cot has wheels underneath the legs, it means the cot is light weight, meaning the material will be light as well.
  8.  The drop side of the mechanism should not be visible. If you see a rod or plastic mechanisms exposed in the structure of cot, it means that it does not meet safety standards and pose a serious risk to any infant that uses it. Report it if you can.
  9.  Make sure to be careful with cot bumpers or other padding or toys as can be a smothering risk. Any padding around edge of mattress may act as step/ramp up the sides. These can also reduce sleeping space and impede airflow.

Within the UK, a decent branded cot bed should start from £149. Please do additional research if you intend to buy a cot at a much cheaper price, as it may not be of good quality.

Hope that the above helps. Make sure to check out our advice section for more details.

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