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get baby to sleep in cot


There is a reason parents devote so much time to select the right cot, A cot is the safe place for your infant to recharge. But many moms find that baby does not like to sleep in a cot, only – in your arms or car seat while your drive aimlessly. Per study of Jodi Mindell, Ph.D, “After babies hit the 6 month mark, their napping and nighttime habits become harder to change,” this is the time to teach baby to sleep in cot.

Why baby does not like to sleep the cot? Ph.D Polly Moore research shows that a baby can tell if she’s being held by one of her parents or someone else. She knows that mommy feels and smells like.

Common traps

Parents hold baby after baby nods off after a feeding. Cosying up could become the only way to calm the baby later.

Sometime, babies prefer upright position – a carrier or sling, to doze off, may expect that every day.

Baby only sleep in bouncy seat or car seat – movement and motion is only way to nap.

Tips to help baby sleep in a cot

  • Make the cot feel more mom-like
  • Try swaddle/sleep bag that warm and smell like mom. No drastic change in temperature, from heat of your body to relatively cold bed. Never place blanket, pillow or lovey in the cot with baby that would greatly increases the risk of suffocation.
  • A bedtime routine is so important! Introduce it as early as you can, put baby down in cot when awake but sleepy. Master the siesta first then tackle the next. This may involves a few tears, so worth it in the long run, though.
  • Limit distractions, low lighting, little noise, about 30 minutes before bed.
  • Get in a habit, i.e. bath, book, massage, feeding first before the routine. Put baby to bed when obviously drowsy, but still awake.
  • Try white noise, some baby find it comforting, but not all like white noise.
  • Tackle bad sleep habit little by little, such as set in car seat without driving, or stroller without push it around. Once baby accept it, move on to next small change.

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