When is it time to change from a cot to a bed?

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  • Change the cot into a bed when your baby can reach over the top rail, or shows any signs of trying to climb out.
  • It’s safer to convert it to a bed so they can’t hurt themselves when escaping, rather than spending hours in A&E with a bumped head.
  • The lowest side of the cot shouldn’t be lower than the shoulder height of your baby.
  • Once your baby is able to pull themselves up to stand (approximately nine months old) and get their arms over the side rail, they will be able to climb out.
    Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/cot-beds/article/using-cot-beds-safely – Which?As manufacturer, we have taken all appropriate measure to deliver a safe product, where baby manage to reach and champ out the paint work is beyond the established boundary of product safety, to prevent such isolated case, please carefully follow the instruction of safe use, provided with the cot.

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