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Eva cot bed in nursery room and decorate tips


Awesome images of Babymore Eva cot bed in their home. These great nursery rooms show great enthusiasm and powerful instincts of parents.

Do you knew what you wanted the nursery to look like? Let us know how Babymore item set in your nursery room, and your decoration theme.

If you are first time parents, you may need little tips on nursery decoration,
Decide a theme – sunny and bright, patterns, wall stickers, creativity go wide.
Make sure everything you could need is within easy reach of changing table – The last thing you want to do is step away from the baby and risk him rolling off because you need to grab something.
Washable wall paint/wall paper – think of first pee spray or drawing instinct kick in.
Must have window dressings /shades – controlled sun light, fake the dark for a nap, and go well with the theme.
Safety – child proof, heat source, fall hazard, No string or cord, no clusters and plenty storage.
Contemporary furniture features modern design, right – Babymore…

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