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Cool Ways To Announce You Are Pregnant

adults feet with matching baby shoes in pregnancy announcement

In a world where we are surrounded by social media, finding a cool way to announce that you are pregnant has become more and more tricky. Some people may prefer to pick up the phone, or send a round robin email. However, more and more people are using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to make their big announcement.

At Babymore, we have searched high and low to find the most cool ways to announce that you are pregnant!


Using your pets, usually dogs and cats, is a popular and cute way to announce your pregnancy. After all, for many couples, their cat, dog, or even rabbit is their first ‘child’ so it just makes sense!

Using Props

I have to admit that I love these, and they can be very meaningful, especially if they reflect your interests as a couple. For example, if you love cycling, why not have a picture of your bikes and then add a baby trike!

Celebrating A New Fan

When a baby comes along, many can’t help but hope that they will share the same interests as you, whether it is to follow your favourite football team, be a fan of your favourite film, or even play your favourite video game!

Sibling Announcements

OK, so there is little cuter than a sibling announcing the impending addition to a family!

Pregnancy Tests And Scan Photos

This is the only time you will probably share on social media something you have urinated on, but it really works to get the message across. Scan photos are often used, but sometimes original ideas are the best!


Using a book is ideal for any bookworms or teachers out there!

Announcing you are pregnant to the world can be an exciting time, so why not find a cool way to announce your news? We love these ideas and hope that you do too. 

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