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How to adjust mattress base position of cot bed?

A 8 months pregnant mom to be, called us this morning, to let us know that she is so pleased with her Babymore Stella cot bed. She managed to assemble the cot bed on her own. Well done!

She asked a question that I think many would benefit with the answer.
“What’s the procedure to change it to the lowest mattress position once it’s all put together? do I have to start from scratch again? ”


There is no need to disassembly the whole cot and start again.

  1. Remove all the bedding and mattress from the cot. If your cot bed come with a underneath drawer, it may not be necessary to remove it.
  2. Remove one of the cot side panel for better access to the base. If you have a drop side panel, remove it instead of fixed side panel, refer to instruction – convert cot to bed, for how to remove drop side. To remove drop side panel you may need to loosen up the bolts connect mattress base to cot ends.
  3. If you had a stabiliser bar installed and intend to reposition base to the lowest position, the stabiliser bar may block the position, remove the stabiliser bar.
  4. Loosen up the 4 bolts connect the remaining side panel to the cot ends. To create gap between side panel and cot end, that allow the mattress base be repositioned.
  5. From outside of cot ends, carefully remove the bolts/ barrel nuts hold the base in position.
  6. Reposition the base to preferred base position, reconnect the base to cot end with the bolts/barrel nuts.
  7. Attach the previously removed cot side panel. Drop side panel refer to your cot bed instruction or assembly video guide.
  8. Tight up all bolts, include those on cot side panel. Do not over tighten, as it may create irreversible damage.

usually above shall take about 15-30 mins to complete. It is easier to complete with extra pair of hands.

Hope it helps.

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