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When Should I Order My Nursery Furniture?

When should i order my nursery furniture?

When you find out you’re pregnant, it’s hard not to get excited and want to start planning everything. It can be hard to know when to start shopping for nursery furniture. When planning what nursery furniture to buy there are a lot of different things to think about, so it’s best not to rush and to make good use of your time.

Here’s our advice on what to think about when buying your nursery furniture.

During the first three months, parents ‘could’ have to deal with a few problems. The first is that you are more likely to lose the baby in the first three months. This means that making plans and spending money on nursery furniture could be a waste of time and money. The second thing to worry about in the first three months of pregnancy is not being able to find out what your baby will be. Unless you’re planning a neutral room, it’s too early to decide on anything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start to think about colours and furniture.

However, if you wait until the third trimester, you might not be able to move and rearrange your furniture without a lot of help. There is also a chance that things you ordered won’t get there on time or that the nursery won’t be ready when your baby comes. Some babies come early, which makes it harder to finish the room on time.

The best time to design and work on the Nursery is during the second trimester, which is after the biggest risk of miscarriage and before the end of the pregnancy.

If you have any questions about ordering your furniture, please do get in touch

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