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Nursing Chair Vs Regular Chair! Is Nursing Chair Better For New Moms?


As a new mom, finding the right seating arrangement for nursing sessions is essential for both comfort and practicality. Two primary options often come to mind: the dedicated nursing chair and the regular chair. When it comes to choosing what nursery furniture to get for your upcoming bundle of joy, the first thing that pops up in your mind is the good old nursing chair! In this blog, we’ll delve into the differences between these two options to help you determine which is best suited for your needs.

Understanding the Differences

Nursing Chair

Nursing chairs are specifically designed with the comfort and convenience of nursing moms in mind. These chairs typically feature padded armrests, lumbar support to promote optimal breastfeeding positions. Some nursing chairs even come with additional features like rocking or gliding motion for soothing both mom and baby during feeding sessions. Nursing chairs for new moms include plush armrests to cradle your elbows, back support that feels like a hug, and even reclining options to get you into the perfect nursing position. Plus, some chairs rock or glide, which can be a lifesaver when your little one needs a little shushing.

Regular Chair

On the other hand, a regular chair can vary widely in terms of design and functionality. While some may offer adequate support for nursing, others may lack the necessary features to ensure comfort and proper posture during feeding sessions. Regular chairs may also lack the gentle rocking or gliding motion that can help calm fussy babies. Some might be comfy enough, but let’s be honest, they probably weren’t designed for holding a tiny human for hours on end. You might end up with a sore back or feeling all slumped over, which isn’t exactly ideal. Plus, forget about rocking or gliding – you’re on your own with soothing techniques!

Key Considerations


One of the most significant differences between nursing chairs and regular chairs is comfort. Nursing chairs are specifically engineered to provide ergonomic support during long feeding sessions, whereas regular chairs may not offer the same level of comfort, leading to discomfort and potential strain on the body. Nursing sessions can take a while, and you deserve to be supported (literally and figuratively!). A nursing chair is like having a built-in comfort team – it helps you find the perfect position, keeps your back happy, and might even lull your little one to sleep with some gentle rocking.


Nursing chairs often come equipped with rocking or gliding motion, which can help soothe both mom and baby. Regular chairs may lack these functionalities, making nursing sessions less enjoyable and potentially more challenging. Regular chairs can work in a pinch, but having a dedicated spot designed for those long feeding sessions can make a big difference. Plus, a nursing chair can become your special cosy spot for cuddles and bonding time with your little one, even when they’re not feeding.


Another factor to consider is convenience. Nursing chairs are typically placed in nurseries or designated feeding areas, making them readily accessible during feeding times. In contrast, using a regular chair for nursing may require relocating to a more comfortable spot, disrupting the feeding routine.

Posture and Support

Proper posture and support are crucial during nursing sessions to prevent discomfort and potential back pain. Nursing chairs are designed to provide adequate lumbar support and promote proper breastfeeding positions, whereas regular chairs may not offer the same level of support, leading to poor posture and discomfort.


In conclusion, while both nursing chairs and regular chairs can serve as seating options during feeding sessions, nursing chairs offer distinct advantages in terms of comfort, functionality, convenience, and support. Investing in a nursing chair can be a game-changer, especially in those early days. It’s all about creating a comfortable and supportive environment for you and your baby during those precious feeding times. But hey, if a regular chair works for you, then go for it! Just remember, mama needs to be comfortable too!

We, at Babymore, deliver high-quality products with a promise of no compromise and extreme comfort for our customers. We value the new moms and their untiring efforts that go behind raising a tiny little baby up and we are there to provide full support in whatever way we can. For this purpose, we have designed products like our high-quality cot top changer and our chest changer along with the nursing chair.

Our nursing chair is a primary example of how we support new mothers during this tiring and overwhelming journey. The smooth and gentle rocking motion, along with supportive backrest and lumbar cushion included for extra support, ensure maximum comfort. Two handy storage pockets for all your baby’s essentials mean you don’t have to get up and disturb the baby whilst they settle. When your little one has grown, just swap over to the hardwood beech legs which can be fitted to make your chair part of any stylish room for years to come. Babymore also provides a complete wardrobe for you to organise your little one’s tiny clothes in it and oh how satisfying that must feel.

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