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What Is A Cot Top Changer? Understanding Benefits & Tips | Babymore


A cot top changer is a convenient and space-saving accessory designed to fit securely on top of a baby’s cot or crib. It provides a dedicated changing area for diaper changes and other baby care tasks without the need for a separate changing table.

What is a Cot Top Changer?

A cot top changer is a platform designed to sit securely on top of your baby’s cot. It functions like a mini changing station, with raised sides to keep your little one safe and a comfortable changing mat for easy diaper duty. They typically come in lightweight, sturdy materials like plastic or wood, and often have straps or hooks to secure them to the cot for added stability. Learn more on what is a cot top changer with Babymore! Our range of cots is something you would want to view for sure!

Benefits of Using a Cot Top Changer

Space Saver

This is the biggest advantage! They eliminate the need for a dedicated changing table, freeing up valuable floor space in your nursery. This is ideal for smaller nurseries or parents who want a more minimalist setup. For parents who have limited space in their nursery,it offers a practical solution by utilising the top surface of the cot for changing purposes. This eliminates the need for an additional piece of furniture like a changing table, making the nursery layout more efficient.


Compared to dedicated changing tables, they are generally much more affordable.

Ergonomic Advantage

Many parents find changing a baby on it to be more comfortable for their backs. The height of the cot itself often puts the baby at a more ergonomic position for diaper changes compared to a lower changing table.


When your baby grows out of diaper changes, they can be easily removed and stored away. The cot then continues to serve its primary purpose. It provides easy access to essential baby care items during diaper changes. They come with compartments or storage shelves where you can keep diapers, wipes, creams, and other necessities within arm’s reach. This convenience streamlines the diaper-changing process, allowing parents to focus on their baby’s needs without searching for supplies in different places.

Safety and Stability

When choosing a top changer, it’s essential to select one that offers stability and safety features. Look for changers with secure attachment mechanisms that firmly grip the cot’s edges to prevent accidental slips or falls. Additionally, opt for models with raised edges or guardrails to provide added security during diaper changes.

Versatility and Longevity

They are designed to grow with your baby. Some models are adjustable or convertible, allowing them to accommodate different cot sizes or transform into standalone changing tables as your child grows. This versatility ensures that your investment in it lasts beyond the newborn stage, making it a practical long-term solution for baby care.

Hygiene and Easy Cleaning

They typically feature wipeable surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. This is especially beneficial during diaper changes, as spills or accidents can be quickly wiped away, ensuring a hygienic environment for your baby. Regular cleaning helps prevent the buildup of dirt, germs, and bacteria, promoting a healthy nursery environment.

Tips for Using It Safely and Effectively

Invest in a Quality Changing Mat

A comfortable and secure changing mat is essential. Choose one that’s wipeable and waterproof for easy cleaning and leak protection.

Secure it Properly

Make sure it is firmly attached to the cot using any straps or hooks provided.

Keep Essentials Close By

Have wipes, creams, and diapers within easy reach to avoid leaving your baby unattended while changing them.

Transition as Needed

As your baby becomes more mobile, you might need to transition to changing them on a floor mat. This is usually around the time they start rolling over.

Consider Storage

They can be stored under the cot when not in use.

Is a Cot Top Changer Right for You?

They are a great space-saving solution for many parents. However, they may not be ideal for everyone. Here are some things to consider:

  • Nursery Space

If you have ample nursery space, a dedicated changing table might offer more storage and convenience

  • Baby’s Weight

They have weight limitations, so check the specifications before purchasing.

  • Your Preferences

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your personal needs and preferences. Consider what features are most important to you in a changing station.

Cot Disclaimer

  • Made of solid wood, beautiful design with practicality, Babymore’s cot top changers fit safely onto the top of the baby cot or cot bed. Features include:
  • Towel rail integrated at front. 
  • They fit most cots or cot beds that use a 60-70 cm width mattress. 
  • The top of side rails must be straight without curve and the thickness of the side rails no more than 25 mm. 
  • When not in use, it should be removed from the cot top. Recommend changing mat size is 75 by 45 cm. 
  • It meets British and European safety standard BSEN12221 safety requirements for changing units. 

NOTE – when you fit it on a small cot, overhang at the back of the cot.

Final Thoughts

Consider incorporating a cot top changer into your nursery setup to enhance the functionality and comfort of diaper-changing routines while optimising space utilisation. Babymore’s collection of nursery furniture includes ideal cot top changers that offer space-saving benefits, convenience, safety, versatility, and hygiene advantages for newborns and their caregivers.

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