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Babymore’s Personalized Newborn Baby Checklist | A Blissful Start


There is lots of thinking that goes on when prepping for the arrival of your wonderful new bundle of joy. Here is a special and detailed outline with an added-value checklist at a glance.

1. Peaceful Sleep Routine

Start with the fundamentals on how to have a peaceful sleep. The ideal foundation here should be a good and comfy crib or bassinet lined with soft fitted sheets. Improving your baby’s nighttime sleep routine is important hence whenever you think of your baby’s sleep, know that a good comfortable, safe and peaceful environment such as a warm cosy crib is something you should be investing in.

2. Nappy Duty Delights

Every new mother must have a stock of nappies, wipes and nappy cream available at hand. Set up a designated changing area with a changing table or pad for an efficient and odour-free cleanup process. Invest in a nappy disposal system that is convenient and non-smelly. Here’s your nappy duty checklist at a glance:

– Nappies

– Nappy stacker

– Nappy disposal system

– Wipes

– Nappy cream

3. Your Baby’s Wardrobe Wonders

Strike the right balance between cuteness and functionality in your baby’s wardrobe.  Cannot miss out on bodysuits, baby grows and cosy hats. Make sure that you organise a wardrobe consisting of appropriate clothes for all seasons so that your baby is not only stylish but also comfortable and chic too. Let us take a quick glimpse at the wardrobe baby checklist:

– Bodysuits

– Babygrows

– Socks

– Scratch mitts

– Jersey hats

– Shawl

– Sleep bag

4. Feeding Essentials: Breast or Bottle

Equip yourself for feeding time with the necessary gear. Whether breastfeeding or using formula, stock up on bottles, nipples, and sterilisers. For breastfeeding mums, consider essentials like nursing bras and breast pads to make the experience more comfortable.

5. On-the-Go Gear

A must have gear for outings includes a good quality pram, car seat, and baby carrier. It is important to have a safe and comfortable car seat for secure travelling, while babywearing offers convenience and closeness. Here’s your on-the-go checklist at a glance:

– Car seat

– Baby cloth

– Pram

6. Health and Safety First

Prioritise your baby’s well-being with a well-equipped baby first aid kit and a reliable baby monitor. Create a safe environment at home by baby-proofing areas where your little one will explore as they grow. Here’s your health and safety checklist at a glance:

– Nail clippers

– Flannels

– Towels

– Muslin cloth

– Toiletries

– Thermometer

– Baby monitor

7. Soothing Sounds for Slumber

Enhance the soothing atmosphere for your baby with white noise machines or soft lullabies. Establishing a bedtime routine with calming sounds contributes to a more peaceful sleep for both baby and parents. The items for a serene sleep sanctuary include:

Moses Basket

– Bouncy chair

Remember, every baby is unique, and your checklist can be tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. Enjoy the process of preparing for your baby’s arrival, and may this time be filled with anticipation, excitement, and endless moments of joy as you embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood. Babymore has a wide variety of items designed to make your baby sleep peacefully at night. Have a look at our nursery checklist here so that you don’t miss out on the nursery essentials.

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