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Many new parent does not know how to use cot bed safely

Baby In Cot

At Babymore. we provide detailed guide and advise on safe use of cot bed, the safe use instruction provided with every cot distributed to our customer. From our years of service experience, there are parents ignored and has not read the safe use instruction, and have to regret it later one.

It is especially true, enquiry example below

“My baby fail out of cot, the cot is not safe”

Q: how old is baby and which level were the mattress base?

A: the baby is 2 years 6 months old, and base in the lowest level.

Our response – shocking, the instruction said, once baby attempt climb cot, convert to bed, usually that is 18 months and some early climber can be young as 7 months old.


“My baby managed to bite on top of cot end, and the paint come off, the cot and paint is poorly produced, the paint should not come off”

Q: How you baby managed to reach top of cot end?

A: He is very tall boy, 20 months old.

Our response, –  no paint would survive bites of teething baby. cot is designed for infant, a safe sleep space. Convert cot to bed for a toddler to sleep in. Especially teething baby will bite anything they can get hold of, check online for other mums discussion on these. usual mistake for a new parent.


we really do not want to see these sad cases, but hope parent do learn how to use the cot carefully and prevent baby fail out cot or teething baby has access to top of cot.

there are a number of article in our blog section and guide & advice section of our website.


If you are first time parent and not sure how to use a cot bed,  please do contact our team for advice.



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