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The playground is a haven for little ones, a place to run, climb, and explore. But for parents with young children in pushchairs, navigating the playground can feel like an obstacle course. Safety is paramount, but you also want your little one to join in the fun. In this blog, we will have a look at some ground rules to keep your playground trip safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Tips for Pushchair Safety

Navigating a playground with a pushchair doesn’t have to be stressful. By following these practical tips, parents can ensure the safety and comfort of their child while enjoying a day at the playground:

Know Your Playground

Before you head out, take a moment to research the playground. Is it designed for all ages, or geared towards older children? Are there designated areas for toddlers or babies? Knowing the layout will help you find a safe spot to park your pushchair and keep an eye on your child.

Park Smart

Look for a level, stable surface to park your pushchair. Avoid areas with loose gravel, uneven ground, or near climbing structures where children might fall. If possible, position your pushchair so you can see both your child and the main play areas.

Engage with Your Child

While it’s tempting to chat with other parents while your child plays, remember you’re still their primary supervisor. Keep a close eye on your little one, even if they seem content. Get down on their level and interact with them as they play.

Be Mindful of Other Children

Playgrounds can get crowded, and older children might not always see a pushchair in their path. Be aware of your surroundings and try to position your pushchair so it doesn’t obstruct walkways or slides.

Sun Safety First

Don’t forget sun protection! Apply sunscreen to your child before heading out, and consider bringing a hat and a portable shade for the pushchair if there’s limited cover.

Choose the Right Pushchair

Opt for a sturdy, all-terrain stroller with large, durable wheels that can handle various surfaces encountered at the playground.

Plan Your Route

Determine the most accessible paths and play areas that accommodate pushchairs, avoiding congested or challenging areas.

Secure Your Child

Ensure that your child is safely strapped into the pushchair using the harness or seat belt to prevent falls or injuries.

Mind the Gap

Be cautious when manoeuvring the pushchair over gaps or thresholds, ensuring that the wheels are firmly planted on the ground.

Know When to Fold

If the playground becomes too crowded or challenging to navigate with a pushchair, consider folding it up and exploring on foot while carrying your child or using a baby carrier.

Playground Equipment No-Go

While some playgrounds might have designated areas for pushchairs, climbing frames and slides are strictly off-limits. Never leave your child unattended in the pushchair while they’re within reach of climbing structures.

Plan for the Unexpected

Accidents happen, so be prepared. Pack a small first-aid kit with wipes, bandages, and antiseptic cream for minor bumps and scrapes.

Enjoy the Ride!

By following these simple ground rules, you can ensure a safe and fun playground trip for you and your little one. Remember, the most important thing is to relax, have fun, and enjoy watching your child explore and play.


Navigating a playground with a pushchair requires careful planning, patience, and a keen eye for safety. By following the tips outlined in this blog, parents can ensure a smooth and secure experience for themselves and their child, allowing them to enjoy all the fun and excitement that playgrounds have to offer. With proper preparation and vigilance, pushchair safety at the playground doesn’t have to be a total breakdown, it can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both parent and child.

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Winter presents a variety of challenges, ranging from icy pavements to chilly winds. As you prepare for the colder months, don’t forget to prepare your pushchair for the winter wonderland ahead. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting your pushchair winter-ready.

Safety First: Check the Harness

Before embarking on winter strolls, make sure your child is safe. Begin by inspecting the harness on your pushchair. Look for signs of wear and tear that could jeopardise its effectiveness. A safe harness is your first line of defence against potential accidents on slippery surfaces.

Cleanliness is Key

Winter brings muddy terrains and slushy sidewalks, so keep your pushchair clean. Begin by wiping down the exterior, paying particular attention to the wheels. Removing any mud or moisture not only keeps your pushchair looking clean, but it also keeps it from freezing in cold weather, allowing for smoother manoeuvrability.

Weather Repellent Materials

Consider the materials that your pushchair is made of. Choose a water-resistant pushchair to protect your child from rain and snow. A waterproof pushchair keeps your child dry and warm during winter outings, regardless of the weather conditions.

Shielding from the Winter Sun

The low winter sun can be harsh, so protect your child’s eyes. Lower your pushchair’s canopy hood to protect them from the glare. Consider using parasols or sunscreens to provide additional protection from the winter sun’s rays.

Features for Low Light Safety

With fewer daylight hours in the winter, many strolls last into the evening. Choose a pushchair with features designed for low-light environments, such as LED lights. These lights improve visibility, keeping you and your child safe and visible to others, especially on dark winter nights.

Invest in Winter Accessories

Invest in high-quality winter pushchair accessories to keep your child warm and comfortable on winter outings. Consider buying a footmuff to add extra insulation against the cold. Also, remember to attach a rain cover to protect your child from inclement weather.

Hand Mitts for Pusher Comfort

While your child is safely in the pushchair, don’t forget about your own comfort. Consider attaching hand mitts to the pushchair handlebars to keep your hands warm on chilly walks. These hand mitts are a simple but effective way to ensure a comfortable experience for both you and your child.

​​Tyre Maintenance

Before the cold weather arrives, inspect the tyres on your pushchair. Ensure that they are properly inflated and free of punctures or damage. Well-maintained tyres provide better traction on icy surfaces, making winter walks safer and more enjoyable.

Adjust Suspension Settings

If your pushchair has adjustable suspension settings, consider adjusting them for winter use. A softer suspension setting can provide a smoother ride on uneven and icy terrain, ensuring that your child is comfortable during winter walks.

Storage Solutions

Winter outings often require extra gear, such as blankets, extra layers, and snacks. Ensure your pushchair has ample storage space to accommodate these essentials. Consider adding a storage basket or organiser to keep everything within easy reach during your winter adventures.

Embrace Winter Adventures with Confidence

By following these tips, you can ensure that your pushchair is ready for winter adventures. From checking the harness for safety to investing in winter accessories, taking the time to prep your pushchair will make winter strolls more enjoyable for both you and your little one. So bundle up, prepare your pushchair, and embrace the magic of winter with confidence. Babymore provides you with a range of sturdy and durable pushchairs. For example, the Mimi 2 in 1 Pram Pushchair as well as the pushchairs from the Memore travel system range are incredibly useful for your and your little one’s peaceful journey!

Air travel can be an intimidating experience, especially for parents with young children. One common question is whether it is possible to bring a pushchair or pram on a flight. In this article, we’ll look at the rules and considerations surrounding this topic to help make your journey easier.

Understanding Airline Policy

Before you plan your trip, make sure you understand the policies of the airline you’ll be flying with. While most airlines allow passengers to bring a pushchair or pram, there may be some guidelines and restrictions that you should be aware of. These can vary depending on the airline’s policies and the type of aircraft you’ll be flying in.

Pushchairs Allowed

In general, airlines allow collapsible pushchairs or strollers that can be easily stored in the aircraft’s overhead compartment or cargo hold. Non-collapsible or large jogging strollers may require special arrangements or may not be permitted onboard at all due to space constraints.

Checking-in versus Gate Checking

Some airlines allow you to check in your pushchair alongside your luggage at the main check-in counter. Alternatively, you may be able to gate-check your pushchair, which allows you to bring it all the way to the aircraft’s boarding gate and stow it in the cargo hold shortly before boarding. Gate checking is often more convenient because it allows you to use the pushchair throughout the airport until the last moment.

What Size Pushchair Can You Bring On A Plane?

When it comes to flying with your pushchair, understanding the size and weight restrictions is critical for a smooth journey. Pushchairs intended for the hold must be fully collapsible and weigh no more than 10kg.

According to the International Air Transport Association’s passenger baggage rules guide, pushchairs that are considered “cabin approved” should have maximum dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. This ensures that they will fit into the overhead lockers as carry-on or hand luggage.

Before your flight, check the airline’s specific guidelines to ensure compliance with their regulations. This proactive approach can help eliminate any last-minute surprises and ensure a stress-free journey.

Tips for Travelling With a Pushchair

1. Check Weight and Size Limits

Ensure your pushchair meets airline restrictions for cabin and cargo hold storage.

2. Secure Accessories

Before boarding, remove any detachable accessories from your pushchair, like cup holders or trays, to avoid loss or damage.

3. Protective Covering

Use a protective covering or bag to protect your pushchair from damage during transport and storage.

4. Arrive Early

Allow enough time at the airport, especially if you need to check-in or gate-check your pushchair, to avoid last-minute stress.

5. Communicate with Airline Staff

Inform airline staff about bringing a pushchair and follow check-in instructions.

The Takeaway

Bringing a pushchair on a plane is generally allowed by most airlines, but it’s essential to understand and adhere to their specific policies and procedures. By planning ahead, understanding your options, and following these tips, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience with your little one in tow. Safe travels!

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