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Moses Basket or Crib? Your Choice!

During the first few months of your baby’s life, they will spend most of their time getting all that ‘beauty sleep’ they don’t know they need, therefore settling them down in the right sleep environment is key to their development. Amongst the readily available choices, parents either opt for a crib or a moses basket for their newborn.

Deciding which one is better or how long a baby sleeps in both really depends! There’s actually not a set of rules laid out when selecting between a moses basket or crib. The choice is entirely personal, choose the one that suits your schedules well and the one you prefer to be better for your newborn baby.

Why Opt for A Moses Basket?

Moses baskets were popular in the early 2000’s, but now it appears that they are slowly becoming outdated and are no longer the first choice for today’s parents. They are not very readily available but they used to deliver a snug and secure space for your little one’s repose. This choice was embraced globally by parents, standing resilient through the years with its durable, graceful structure and chic appeal but now it turns out, the fashion has changed to more sturdier options, like a crib.

Main Features:

Put together using natural materials, these baskets:

For How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Moses Basket?

Understanding when your baby outgrows the Moses basket is crucial. Recommended for use from birth to 3-4 months or until your baby can sit or pull themselves up unaided, it is advisable to limit usage to the newborn phase.

Why Consider Cribs?

Cribs present a solid and consistent sleeping space for your infant. While less portable than Moses baskets, cribs offer diverse styles, some incorporating rocking or swaying motions to ease your baby into sleep. Parents eager on learning how to put their baby to sleep in a crib can read more here.

Most cribs serve well until your little one reaches 6 months or can sit unaided, but they may come with a higher price tag due to their longer lifespan. Babymore Air Motion Gliding Crib has a sturdy base and would not cost you a leg and an arm hence making it the best choice for you and your baby!

While cribs may take up more space and prove trickier to store than Moses baskets, many parents find value in keeping them for future use or sharing within their social circles.

Pros and Cons of Cribs:


– Modern Material and design

– Sturdy construction.

– Mesh or slats for easy visibility.

– Diverse style options.

– Usable for up to 6 months.

– Some cribs feature rocking or swaying motions.

– Our AMC is very compact and portable for travel.


– Storage challenges.

– Often flat-packed, requiring assembly.

– Mattress usually sold separately.

Exploring Bedside Cribs & Co-Sleepers:

Bedside cribs, gaining popularity, blend the benefits of cribs with innovative features. Serving as both standalone cribs and side sleepers attached to your bed frame, they come equipped with a drop-down barrier, facilitating easy access to comfort and feed your baby while maintaining proximity.

Ideal for mothers recovering from challenging births or medical interventions, bedside cribs offer convenience, although some rocking or tilting features may only be accessible in standalone mode, requiring effort to detach and reattach.


– Dual functionality as a cosleeper and standalone crib.

– Easy access for feeding, beneficial for c-section recovery.

– Allows keeping an eye on the baby during sleep.


– Higher cost than Moses baskets or standard cribs.

– Storage challenges.

– Rocking function may only be used once detached.

– Bedside crib is often heavy and not very portable for travelling.

– A bedside crib has to be securely attached to the parents bed and hence it is difficult to move or relocate.

Moses Basket or Crib: The Decision Process

The first few months of your baby’s life are crucial for building a strong bond, emphasizing the importance of easy access. Your choice between a Moses basket or crib depends on your preferences. If space is tight but comfort is a priority, consider a Moses basket. However, for those who lean towards a more comprehensive sleeping solution, Babymore’s line of cribs guarantees top-notch quality. Each crib comes with our deluxe mattress, meticulously designed to provide optimal support from the very first day.

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