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FOLD MeMore Chassis – Common Errors

MeMore Pushchair Fold Chassis direction

The MeMore chassis, has an impact release mechanism, commonly used in pushchairs. The mechanism are positioned at the centre of chassis (behind the logo badge). Until the mechanism unlock the chassis, it is not possible to fold the chassis.

To fold the chassis:

First, fully press down both button on the handle

Second, push the handle into the chassis firmly and fully. The impact triggers the mechanism to unlock the chassis.

When the handle is free to move, lower it to fold the chassis.



  1. Gently position the handle to the lowest position.
  2. Continue push the handle at its lowest position.
  3. Push handle toward floor, or try to fold handle before mechanism unlock.
  4. Operate the unfold latch at the side of chassis.
  5. Buttons 1 and 2 on the push handle, not fully pressed down.
  6. Excessive force, cause irreversible damage.

Important: the unfold latch on the side of chassis, only use it to unfold the chassis. Do not operate it for anything else.

Please refer to the video below demonstrate how to fold the chassis.


If you continue find it difficult to fold the chassis, please contact us at first instance.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 02034755588

Our office open Monday to Friday, 9-5, closed over weekend and bank holidays.


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